Ladies, What Questions Should You Ask a Man on a First Date? Part 2

Ladies, What Questions Should You Ask a Man on a First Date? Part 2
  1. What is your dream job? – You really want to get a sense of what a man thinks is success, particularly if you are a professional woman and don’t want to introduce your date/boyfriend/husband as “this is Joe, who sits at home in his pajamas all day and plays video games while I’m out working.” In addition, it is just a fact that successful women want to be around successful men, so if you are not a successful woman, this question matters less to you unless you expect a certain standard of living. It is also a fact that we prefer a man who makes more than we do. Certainly, not all of us, but a lot. Therefore, if your man’s dream job is to work in a marijuana dispensary and you are looking for a high standard of living, you might want to rethink things.
  2. Who’s your hero?Real Love Advisors Melbourne FL says that this is a good conversation starter and will tell you loads about a man. Is his hero somebody who’s a sports figure, a historical figure, or a personal figure? Is this man shallow or does he have depth? A man who answers “Michael Jordan” is a lot different from a man who says “My mom, because she raised me and my brother by herself and we were always happy.” An interesting man is going to have an interesting answer to this question. A boring man is probably going to have a boring answer.
  3. What’s the funniest movie and television show you’ve ever seen? – If there is physical attraction, the next thing to find out about is his sense of humor. This question is easy to ask and will give you a sense of whether you and the man think that the same things are funny. Obviously, if he thinks that “Death Wish” and “Twilight” are hysterical, you will probably want to quickly exit your meeting place. Nevertheless, if he starts talking about your favorite funny movie and his whole face lights up, you know you are on the right track. There is nothing sexier than agreement.
  4. If you could know one thing about me right now, what would it be? – Guys with no class will say something so stupid you will be able to right them off immediately after asking this question. A guy with no class will say something like “if you’re going to sleep with me” or “whether you’re shaved or not” or “if you like threesomes.” A guy with class will take a moment to think and say something simple like “what’s your favorite color” or “whether you prefer roses or carnations.” This question is designed to separate class from classless.
  5. Tell me about the guys you hang out with the most. – Contrary to some popular opinion, we women want and needs a guy who has friends. We do not want loners and/or guys who do not have friends because people with no friends are generally friendless for a reason. Besides, regular guys need guy time in order to be happy and if they do not have an outlet for guy time, they are likely to be miserable. In addition to that, issue, it is good to get some detail on a guy’s friends. The kind of guys a guy hangs out with will tell you a lot about the guy. It is really an indirect way of asking a man about himself.